Accord Privacy Policy (Discord Bot)

Last updated: 2022-08-20

What data is stored

We store two main types of data:

  1. Data that you, as a user, explicitly tell us to store.
    For example, if you set a reminder with a message, we store that message and the time to post the reminder, along with other information strictly required for the feature to work, such as the ID number of the channel where the reminder should be posted. The same applies to other features for their respective data requirements, including but not limited to: repeating messages, livestream notifications, user preferences, etc. This type of data is stored only for the time required to provide this functionality, and in short term backups, and is removed when no longer necessary.
  2. Data collected for analytics and abuse prevention.
    We may record statistical data, such as which commands or other features are used and when. This data may also, in the short term, be attached to limited personal data such as user and server IDs, strictly as necessary to determine abusive use and for safety and moderation purposes.

How long data is stored

Type 1) data above is only stored as long as necessary to provide the features, including short term data backups. Type 2) data above is kept for abuse prevention purposes for a short term no more than a few months, and for analytical purposes stored long term but without being associated to users.

Who the data is shared with

We do not share or sell any data that can be associated with specific users or groups of users.

Requests for retrieval, removal, or rectification of the data, e.g. under the respective GDPR rights

For any data that you provide to Accord, there are mechanisms within the bot to retrieve, remove, or otherwise change that data. For example, for reminders, which are created via commands from within Discord, you may use other commands to list or remove those reminders. The same applies generally to other features. Please contact us via the Discord server if you have any other questions regarding your data rights.

How to contact us for further questions about data privacy

You can get in touch with us by joining our Support Server.